PCMH Foundation

In 2003, a significant number of concerned citizens from the Pike County area gathered to discuss ways to enhance the healthcare services provided by Pike County Memorial Hospital. The citizens voiced concerns that our hospital remain competitive, offer the best services possible, stay technologically current, and remain financially viable over the long term given rising costs and the uncertainty of reimbursement from both private insurance and government healthcare programs.

After several planning sessions attended by a total of seventy-five community members, one of the action steps agreed upon was that a separate fundraising organization should be formed to provide critical funding for the hospital. In 2004, the Foundation for Pike County Memorial Hospital was incorporated and a board of directors was appointed.

Soon after the Foundation’s inception, a generous matching gift from the John and Ruth McIlroy family provided funding for the Foundation’s first major project—the constructing and equipping of the trauma room within the new Pike County Memorial Hospital Emergency Center.

Since the incorporation of the Foundation for Pike County Memorial Hospital, there have been several major Foundation projects funded by the generosity of Pike County citizens and other supporters. Today, Pike County Memorial Hospital is a well-staffed, modern facility that provides many healthcare services to our community. With the continuing support of our Foundation donors, Pike County Memorial Hospital will continue to be an exceptional community hospital.

Thank You!

Since the inception of the Foundation for Pike County Memorial Hospital in 2004, the Foundation has raised more than $750,000 to provide additional financial support to the hospital. With your donations, the Foundation has provided funding for medical equipment, updated facilities and services that enhance the quality of healthcare in the Pike County community. Because of you, Pike County Memorial Hospital is able to provide you with a modern, up-to-date facility with many services that enable you to stay in your community for your healthcare needs.